Self Study or Classroom

Not sure if independent study is the way to go?  Or, can't afford the time away from work for an entire week, when your boss is breathing down your neck for updates every 20 minutes?  Maybe you feel like you're already a PM and just need the 3 letters to get the recognition you feel you deserve but the company won't pay for it.  Should you try and get it on your own? Or, bite the bullet and take a weeks "vacation" and your mortgage payment this month, in hopes of something better?

Some people thrive in an environment where they can go at their own pace.  We know.  We get it.  Been there, done that.  And, that is exactly why we created this online course. And, it won't cost you a mortgage payment to get it!

PMBOK® version....

Using the most recently released PMBOK® Guide, we will ensure that you are using all the most accurate, advanced and up to date terminology when preparing for the exam.  Others haven't caught up to the changes in the 6th edition but, we built our class around it.  And, just so you know, you can start memorizing page 25 now. 

PMP requirements

Getting your PMP is a relatively easy credential to acquire.  And, to make it easier, we have a simple checklist for you:

  1. 4,500 hours of Project Management experience that you can elaborate on; 6,000 hours if you haven't gotten your degree yet.
  2. A valid application to the Project Management Institute.
  3. Membership to PMI is highly recommended
  4. 35 classroom hours of material review (this course counts!!)

PMP® Certified Instructors

Our classes are all taught by professional PMP® instructors.  In fact, our instructors have been teaching for the last 10 years and have taught thousands upon thousands of students.  You get the VERY BEST instruction from our PMPs.  And, the professional Instructional Designers who created this class, understand exactly what it takes to teach you a wealth of material that you need to know so you can retain it for the exam.