Online or In Classroom?

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So, you’ve landed here and you’re wondering if this is worthwhile.  Time is the enemy in this case.  No one has enough time to accomplish it all.  Work is busy enough.  Balancing family and financial responsibilities eat up enough of your time and you’re ready to take a step up in the professional world. And, here you are.  Welcome!

We hope to make this easy for you.  You’ve got enough other issues on your mind.  So, we designed this program with exactly that in mind. Our online program is like sitting in a class, when you want to or need to be there.  Maybe, after the baby is down for the evening, or the kids have finished homework and you have a moment to yourself.  See, our plan is to make this exam prep class fit into your schedule; watch a module or two, when you can.  Aim to get at least 1 section completed in a week or be more ambitious and do more.  Whatever works for your life and the commitments you have.

Lots of people tell us they can’t take the time away from work to sit in a class for a week.  Again, time away from the workplace is always the big obstacle.  Others tell us their company won’t cover the cost for the class, or they want to get the certification on their own but it’s so darn expensive to take a week of vacation time and pay out of pocket to sit in the class. Classroom experiences are hit or miss.  And, while we do offer classroom instruction at PrestoPrep, we know that offering an online course appeals to a lot of people who may not otherwise be interested in getting their PMP®.

The beauty of our online course is that you get all the benefits of classroom instruction without the commute, without the time away from family or work, and without the exorbitant cost.  We include the exact same material you would receive in the class.  You get the our book the tips & tricks, the worksheets, formula worksheets, quizzes, games, flashcards, the PMBOK® version 6 and Agile Practice Guide.  And, its sent directly to you!